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EMT-Basic Course

WVOEMS Course Number: TBA Course Start Date: TBA Course Start Time: TBA This course will cover the 150 core hours required by the WVOEMS office and National Curriculum need to obtain your Certification. With addition to the core curriculum you will also receive CPR / First Aid certifications, WVOEMS Mass Causality 1 and 2, Hazmat Awareness, Bloodborne Pathogens and CEVO (Emergency Vehicle Operations). The course cost will include: Course itself, Textbook, Uniform, ID Badge, CPR, CEVO, MCI 1 and 2, Background Check, Initial Exam Cost, Clinical Setting and Drug Screen. With the completion of this course you will be eligible to take the WV EMT-B certification exam to obtain certification. Completion of the course does not mean you are a certified EMT; you must pass the Written and Practical exams given by the WVOEMS office. The total cost of the course is $800.00. It can be broken down to $400.00 the First day of class and then $400.00 after 30 days. Once you complete and pass the EMT-B exam you will be ready start a career in Emergency Services. With all the additional education and certifications you will obtain during this course you will be prepared and fully certified to work as an EMT Basic in the State of West Virginia.
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